Spread the LOVE!

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Spread the love - header image blog post Code Love

Code Love was born by the want to convey secret messages, words or feelings between friends and loved ones through the beautiful hidden language of Morse Code. One special message that we endeavour to share and spread daily is the message of LOVE.

Code Love White Candle Love

Life is so unpredictable, no one truly knows what each day will hold, that is why it is so important to tell those close to you how much you love them. Code Love has the perfect, unique pieces to help you send this special message out into the world.

Code Love – LOVE – Single Wrap Bracelet
Code Love – LOVE – 5 Wrap Bracelet
Code Love – LOVE – 5 Wrap Bracelet








Code Love – MAKE LOVE NOT WAR – Quote Wrap
Code Love – LOVE – White Candle
Code Love – LOVE – Bar Pendant









Code Love – MY LOVE – Morse Code Cufflinks
Code Love – LOVE – Morse Code Cufflinks
Code Love – LOVE – Union Ring