Designed in Australia and handcrafted by Megan Carmont, Code Love is a stunning jewellery range, that offers contemporary pieces which convey special hidden words or messages ‘written’ in Morse Code.

Morse code is a unique and special way to express a sentiment or to pass on a message, as only you and the recipient will know what the special code reads. These unique pieces of jewellery send out your own hidden message to the world.

Code Love has an ever evolving range of stunning jewellery & Accessories.  Offered within the collection are rings, bracelets, Strands, Pendants, Earrings, cufflinks and Cashmere scarves.

The Code love collection appeals to both Women and Men of all ages.  Each unique piece is personal and sends out hidden messages to the world.

Code Love jewellery comes presented in stunning custom-made packaging with a suede pouch for safekeeping.  A note revealing the hidden message as well as the materials used in the design is enclosed in each and every package.